Workplace Languages

Language Assessments

Language Assessments

CCT's experienced language assessor conducts an on-site assessment to test the four language skills:

  • reading,
  • writing,
  • speaking
  • and listening.

This is a critical component of the language learning process. Once employee language levels have been accurately assessed, CCT is able to group employees according to the appropriate language level.
Customized Workplace English Programs

Workplace English

Customized Workplace English Programs

Workplace English focuses on the basic skills of listening, speaking, writing and reading through embedding vocabulary, basic grammar and cultural principles of the working community. The main objective is to provide employees with language tools to communicate effectively, perform efficiently in the workplace, follow instructions, and abide by safety rules in an English-speaking team.

4-Level Customization Chart, Industry, Organization, Occupation, Individual, Canadian Language Benchmark The 4-level program, from beginner to advanced, corresponds to Canadian Language Benchmarks. Each level is customized with carefully selected material from each specific field. There is also great emphasis at each level on safety rules and regulations and technical terminology.

All language programs utilize the concept of total immersion, where English is the only language spoken, which results in the quickest and most effective language acquisition and retention. Complete Corporate Training will collaborate with you to create effective schedules that will both promote the learning of a new language and respect important work schedules.

All Workplace English program follow the CCT 4-level Customization Approach.

Other Languages

Learning a foreign language is a parallel trend to the increase in internationalization of businesses. CCT is able to offer a diverse range of language programs such as Workplace Spanish, French, Mandarin and any others required. The approach to teaching any of the foreign languages is similar to the Workplace English program. Industry, organization, occupation and individual-specific material is incorporated into the program. The four foundational skills of listening, reading, writing and speaking are integrated into each lesson.

The approach is also dependent on the organization's needs. If the employee is only needing conversation in the foreign language, then the program will focus on speaking and listening.
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