Why e-Training?

Why eTraining?

The Business Case for eTraining

  • As much as 40 - 60% cost savings.
  • Lower cost per person.
  • Less productivity lost from being away from workplace
  • Often less training time required due to only required modules needed or no modules if learner did well on pre-test.
  • Decrease in employee time-to-productivity/time-to-competency.
  • Very little or no training administration for course bookings, reserving classrooms or updating training records especially if the organization has a good LMS system.
  • Lower attrition and reduced recruitment costs as empowered employees develop skills they want at own rate.
  • As much as 25% higher retention rate than classroom training.
  • Rapid roll-out of training. Just-in-time or refresher training.
  • Overcomes barrier of geograhically dispersed locations.
  • Material can be updated and made available instantly.
  • Effective method of customer training

* Source: GeoLearning: Building a case for e-learning.
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