Virtual Classrooms

GeT Live: Virtual Classrooms
Training employees, partners and customers located in different offices, different cities and even different countries has always been a logistical, financial and productivity challenge.Virtual Classrooms enable businesses to bring together employees, partners, and customers from around the world in highly interactive online environments while eliminating travel issues and greatly reducing the time, expense and loss of productivity associated with on-site training programs.

Virtual Classrooms utilize an interface through which the students can hear and see all material which is being delivered live by an instructor. The interface provides an extension of the classroom experience, where students interact with each other, talk with the instructor and work in groups.

Advantages provided by our Virtual Classrooms:

  • Synchronous eTraining
  • An extension of the classroom
  • Remote Access
  • Real Time with instructor interaction
  • Peer networking
  • Class discussions and group work
  • Interactive white boards for lectures, demos and presentations
  • Troubleshooting through screen sharing
  • Cost effective solution for geographically dispersed organizations
  • Customized to your company
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