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Needs Assessment

To ensure that the solutions we propose are effective and efficient, CCT starts with a needs assessment. CCT will determine the what, when, where, why, how of training and who will require training. The following information will be analyzed through a series of interviews and site visits:

  • The organization's goals, objectives and business challenges.
  • Jobs, tasks and skills that need to be learned.
  • Preferred learning styles of target employees
  • and other relevant factors...

Project Management and Co-ordination of Training Projects

Ensuring all the components of a training program are in the right place at the right time can be time-consuming. CCT takes the stress out of managing and coordinating all the necessary elements of an effective component, from assessment, to planning, to design, development, implementation and post-training evaluation.

Training Awareness-raising Sessions and Communication Planning

The most important part of the implementation plan is to ensure that your workforce is aware, engaged and committed to the training program before it begins. Effectively reaching all of these people can be time-consuming. Developing a targeted communication plan using the right internal media to reach the impacted employees will help to gain their buy-in and support to the training.

Starting with an Awareness-raising Session with key stakeholders will ensure program objectives, outcomes and benefits are clearly understood.


To workshop, communicate and discuss the following:

  • training program objectives, benefits and outcomes, ensure buy-in and input from all key stakeholders

Complete Corporate Training is able to develop a training communication strategy, then design and provide the marketing material if required, such as brochures, posters and email memos, ensuring the program is effectively communicated throughout the organization.

Training Program Design and Curriculum Development

If an organization has a specific program in mind to meet its business challenges but doesn't have the resources to develop it, we can help you design and develop a robust solution. An in-depth training needs assessment will reveal the what, why, where, when, how and who will require the training. We can also review and modify existing programs that may need to be updated. Many organizations are consolidating existing internal training programs to online formats to ensure consistency of information throughout time and across geographic borders.

Ask about our e-Training development services.

Learning and Development Plans

Individual learning plans are becoming increasingly important as learners need a system to navigate their way through their career. CCT can assist in this process. The learning plan aims to achieve the following:

  • Identify and assess future developmental needs required
  • Provides goals and relevant learning experiences associated with organizational goals as well as industry and job requirements
  • Indicates an agreed upon set of learning goals and objectives that will serve employees in their career development.


Using a variety of methods such as in-depth interviews, plant and site tours and questionnaires, we customize the training program at four levels:

  • Industry
  • Organization
  • Occupation
  • Individual role

Click here to read more about our 4-level Customization approach.

4-Level Customization Approach

Industry: research, news and insights from industry journals and associations.

Organization: Interview with key stakeholders to gather information such as; company policies and procedures, mission and vision statements, marketing brochures, communications posters, corporate e-mails, safety procedures, customer service examples, etc.

Occupation: Interview with key stakeholders to gather information such as Job-specific terminology, time-sheets, job descriptions and procedures, performance reviews and measurements, product and equipment descriptions. External research on National Occupation Classification (NOC) Codes and Occupational Essential Skills.

Individual: Skills Competency Assessment to determine and focus on improvement areas, individual interviews/surveys to determine areas of interest

Instruction and Workshop Facilitation

Complete Corporate Training has in-house instructors and consultants as well as external partners who are experts in their particular field and have extensive experience instructing adult learners in a corporate environment. Prior to commencing the program our clients will have the opportunity to review instructor and consultant bios.

Learning Impact and Evaluation

Using the 4-level training evaluation model, CCT will assist you in setting up a suitable framework and process for evaluating your training programs. Have a look at the Knowledge Place for articles and research related to measuring training.


CCT understands that organizations must be able to scale up or down as required and functions such as training and development change depending on business objectives and economic conditions.

We are pleased to help every step of the way whether it's scaling up or down. CCT can help to ramp-up the Training & Development function by preparing internal staff to be trainers or consulting on or creating internal employee development programs. On the other hand, organizations may see the benefit to outsource their training and development function entirely, and this is an area where we have the expertise to step in temporarily or permanently - whichever works best for our clients!

  • Train-the-trainer
  • Training Consulting
  • Curriculum & Program Development, Consolidation or Review
  • Training & Development Outsourcing

Knowledge Transfer

With so much information at our finger tips diverse work groups, technological advances, increased collaboration, virtual workplaces and remote teams, broad ranges of workforce skill levels, high turnover, retiring baby boomers and Gen Y managers climbing the corporate ladder. We need to make sure now more than ever, the right information is captured, documented and gets to the right people and that they retain it! CCT can help with our knowledge transfer services including planning and development of employee on-boarding/orientation, employee development and continuance planning programs.
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