Key Differentiators


Central Learning Network

We understand that Human Resources and Training professionals are busy and inundated with a multitude of training programs on the market. One of our distinct advantages is: if we don't already have the program in our existing inventory of hundreds of training programs to meet your learning needs, we'll do the "leg-work" and survey the market to find the ideal program for you.

Project Management

You will be assigned one advisor who will manage your program and maintain contact with you throughout the process. Complete Corporate Training will manage all participating parties to ensure streamlined delivery.

Implementation and Consulting Approach

Our straight-forward, yet effective consulting approach ensures that we assess your specific needs, determine the gaps between where you are now and where your employees need to be, help you select a targeted learning solution, continually monitor progress and help you define and measure learning success.

Employee Awareness-raising Sessions and Communications Planning

We understand that buy-in and input from key stakeholders is essential for the successful implementation of a training program. This is why we invite key stakeholders to contribute and ensure questions and concerns are addressed prior to the commencement of the program. The goal is for key stakeholders to understand and share benefits of Workplace Training throughout the organization. We also assist you to develop a communication plan to ensure all target employees and potential employees are aware of program objectives and benefits.


CCT offers expertise in adult learning principles, needs assessments, customized instructional design and curriculum design, training program development, various training methodologies and delivery methods and implementation of knowledge transfer. We closely follow market trends and demand to design the most current and relevant training programs.

4-level Customization

We tailor each program to meet the business learning requirements identified in the needs assessment. The program is customized to the industry, company, occupation and individual role.

4-Level Customization Chart

CCT recognizes the importance of tailoring a program to meet your specific needs at four levels.

Industry, organization and occupation-related material and vocabulary will be used to supplement the curriculum to make the curriculum more relevant and interesting for the employee.

"Employee engagement and retention of learning is highest when training can be delivered in an interactive and engaging way to be applied immediately to the work place." - Susan Brattberg, Director, Complete Corporate Training

Learning and Program Measurement

Using industry accepted models of learning evaluation, we can assist you in developing a scorecard to measure the effectiveness, success and where possible the return on investment of your training. We create pre-and post measurements for each course to measure effectiveness. Also at the duration of each program, we provide recommendations of further employee development.

Student satisfaction; procedures; training and support; reasons for non-participation, costs; accessibility and other factors will be evaluated by survey or interviews. This process can help predict the success of the program and allow for modifications if necessary. Frequent attendance reports as well as summary progress reports will be sent to the project manager.

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Diverse Delivery Methods

We recognize that adult learners learn in different ways. For this reason, our programs cater to all learning and delivery styles from instructor-led to e-learning to a combination of many styles, depending on your unique learner needs which will be ascertained in the needs assessment. Our ability to be at the forefront of the latest learning methodologies and approaches allows us to bring the latest learning techniques to our clients.

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Our organization is structured to deliver tailor-made programs that meet specific requirements in terms of program design, scheduling, pricing and delivery. We can be flexible and quick to meet your needs.


Our research team is constantly investigating the latest learning and business trends. Check out our Knowledge Place for the latest research.
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