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What is CCT's business model?

Our goal is to form a long-term partnership with our clients. In order to do this we need to understand your business challenges and goals and then propose training solutions that might close certain gaps. Once we have the information from the needs assessment process we screen our Central Training and Development Network to match you with the right consultant and the right program. In this way everyone wins.
Questions and Answers

How does CCT make the HR role easier?

By leveraging our unique business model we take the 'leg-work' out of researching the training marketplace and forming solid relationships with training providers. We know this is time-consuming. Because we have spent the past four years researching and developing these relationships, we have recommendations at our fingertips. And if there is any program you need that we don't already have, we will find it for you.

In addition, outsourcing has become increasingly popular in recent years. Training is often one of the first functions to be outsourced. CCT is ideally positioned to run your entire training function.
Questions and Answers

How does CCT find training partners?

We research the training marketplace, source qualified consultants and training organizations:
  1. Through trade shows and networking events;
  2. Our clients recommend training partners
  3. Training vendors and consultants approach CCT;
  4. Our research team explores the market for suitable training partners.
CCT evaluates potential partners and conducts reference checks prior to recommending their solutions to clients.
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