4-Level Evaluation Model

Using Kirkpatrick's well known and proven 4 level model of training evaluation, CCT will help you design a scorecard and define key performance indicators and metrics to evaluate the success of the training program.

Level 1:
How did the participants feel about and respond to the training program, instructors, methodology, location etc.?
Level 2:
To what extent did the learners' knowledge increase after the training?
Level 3:
To what extent has learning been applied back on the job?
Level 4:
What effect has the training (newly acquired skills and / or knowledge) had on individual or team productivity, department or business as a whole? Return on investment is often included here or even as a 5th level.

Complete Corporate Training's role would be to guide you through the process of evaluating learning at each of the 4 levels. Given that there are many factors that influence learning and that return on investment is not always simple to determine in isolation, particularly in the case of non-technical business skills training, we can make recommendations, but cannot guarantee specific outcomes.

Critical Success Factors for an Effective Training Program

Is it based on corporate / business objectives?
Does it have top management support?
Are interactive, "real" business issues addressed?
Does it incorporate adult learning principles?
Is success being measured?
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