Evaluating Learning

Kirkpatrick's 4-level Training Evaluation

Donald Kirkpatrick, the father of training evaluation tells a wonderful story of the 'Window Washers' that demonstrates the power of training. He tells us how he encounters one window washer on his travels and asks him what his job at the hotel is.

The Window Washer

The Window Washer replies without looking at him, "I wash windows".

The following day he meets another Window Washer at a hotel where he is conducting a workshop. He asks the same question.

The second Window Washer stops what he's doing, looks up, introduces himself as 'Chai' and replies, "I am part of the team that creates exceptional experiences for our guests."

After the shock of hearing the answer they continued to talk about Kirkpatrick's stay in Chai's country and what his impressions were. In other words, Chai, not only saw himself as an ambassador for his hotel, but for his city and country too.

Chai also explained to Kirkpatrick how he had received great orientation and training for his role as well as coaching and encouragement from his supervisor. He had been taught that his training would enable him to learn, perform and enhance his career opportunities. He had been given the 'bigger picture'.

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