Our Approach


CCT meets with client and assesses current state:

  • What are the unique business, department and individual goals and needs?
  • What specific business challenges is the organization trying to solve?
  • What key performance indicators are in place to measure learning, performance and success?

CCT analyzes data gathered to prepare a proposal and detailed Scope of Work:

  • Where are the gaps between future desired state and the current state?
  • Who is the target audience (primary and secondary)?
  • What learning delivery methods & schedules will be best suited to the target audience?
  • What customization is required?
  • What learning measurements need to be put in place to measure success?

Customize training solutions to close gaps and meet learning needs of target audience:

  • Methods include: interviews, plant/site tours and focus groups to gather relevant data and material for the program.
  • Implement training solutions
  • Measure success of learning using Kirkpatrick 4-level model

Increase knowledge and skills, improve job satisfaction, increase productivity

  • Overcome specific business challenges identified upfront
  • Improve bottom-line results
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