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About Complete Corporate Training
Complete Corporate Training is a dynamic training and development consultancy, capable of assessing your needs and recommending solutions. At Complete Corporate Training we value continuous learning and improvement. Knowledge sharing empowers, and learning leads to growth and transformation of individuals and organizations. We encourage our clients, partners and employees to be innovative, effective and dynamic.

With these values in mind, Complete Corporate Training aims to assist you in identifying continuous improvement solutions that will ultimately close skills gaps that may exist.


To be the chosen corporate training and development partner.

Our Mission Statement

Complete Corporate Training is a dynamic training and development consultancy, passionate about and committed to delivering innovative, flexible and diverse training and development solutions that enable individual and organizational growth.
Complete Corporate Training was established in 2006 to meet the human capital challenges that Canadian organizations face daily. It has brought together the knowledge, expertise and experience of several partners and consultants to create a natural synergy of training solutions for our clients. Complete Corporate Training provides a complete spectrum of customized workplace training programs and services internationally.

Our comprehensive consulting approach to training implementation ensures that we develop an upfront relationship and collaborate with each client by understanding the organization's business needs and challenges before proposing a training solution. Assessment, monitoring and ongoing evaluation underpin our methodology. We believe it is insufficient to simply implement a blanket 'off-the-shelf' program and therefore understanding your needs facilitates the customization process.

Click here to view what makes us stand out from the rest, our implementation approach and The Central Training and Development Network concept.

Who we serve:

  • HR Professionals
  • Training & Development Managers
  • Operations / Department Managers
  • Owners and Business Management
Our clients, whether small or large businesses, are forward-thinking companies because they understand the importance of education and training their workforce. In today's world, we understand that time is precious and people are busy. By assuming responsibility for our projects from the beginning to completion, we take a load off your shoulders and aim to make your job as worry-free as possible!
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